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New Airport Maintenance Facility


ViaAir and Via Airlines are new to the region, but already doing amazing things to stimulate the local economy. When Mrs. Iriti Vizer, company President and COO, bid to bring her air service to Beckley, she also proposed the construction of a new aircraft maintenance facility to service planes throughout the South East. This facility will be approximately 44,000sqft and will allow the 50 service technicians they plan to hire the ability to service aircraft that are up to the size of a 737. This new facility will be located North of the airport directly adjacent to taxiway “E”.

With assistance from the West Virginia Development Office, Congressman Nick Rahall, the Transportation Authority, the New River Gorge Regional Development Authority, New River Community and Technical College, and Raleigh County Commission, the Raleigh County Regional Airport Authority plans to break ground at the beginning of January 2015.


While these highly technical and well paying jobs will be a boost to the regional economy, the ability to service aircraft at the same airport will increase efficiency of ViaAir service out of Beckley, and also establish Raleigh County Memorial Airport as a transportation hub in the South East.

Tom Cochran, Manager of the Raleigh County Memorial Airport Authority explains “Bringing this facility and these jobs to West Virginia has been a long process. We’re beginning to utilize the airport as an economic stimulus to create jobs and offer services to industries we haven’t been able to before, and taking advantage of the available land that has been here for years. This will allow us to expand our wings as a region into aviation and the maintenance industry to increase current and future growth opportunities.”

ViaAir’s foundation has always been based around strong community involvement, development, and relationshipsexplained Irit Vizer, ViaAir President and COO.We are extremely excited to have the opportunity to offer training and employment opportunities which will no-doubt, create a clear path for success to those wishing to transition into the aviation industry


Konsènan ViaAir: ViaAir LLC se yon endirèk Air Carrier opere anba DOT Règleman 14 CFR 380 ansanm ak sipòtè li yo, Via Airlines, kòm Carrier la Dirèk Air sou 30 Pax anb-120 ("ViaAir"). Via Airlines kòm Dirèk Air Carrier an ki te bay sèvis transpò Air pou plis pase 15 ane opere 30 pasaje emb-120. ViaAir se konnen yo gen yon pousantaj telegram ekselan nan plis pase 98%, ekselan dosye sekirite ak kliyan oryante sèvis ak sipò. Via Airlines te fonde an 1997 e te cultivées yo vin yon enpòtan opere Air Carrier 30 pasaje avyon pandan w ap kenbe yon dosye sekirite ekselan e yon bon pousantaj telegram Konpayi an te te resevwa yon ARG / US Gold Rating ak kontinyèlman fè efò ak kenbe pi bon-an-klas sekirite, bon jan kalite ak kliyan satisfaksyon.


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November 18, 2014