Aviation Services

Our Line Office is Open 24/7

Aircraft Maintenance

Our facilities provide minor and major aircraft maintenance for both airframe and power plant repair and services. The fixed base operator is Albatross Air, located at the east end of runway 28.

Hangar Space

For transient customers, hangars are available on a first come first serve basis. Hangars are also available for lease. Additionally, we have leasable 160 acres available for airport development such as private hangar construction. For more information, contact Airport Manager, Tom Cochran at 304.255.0476.

Landing & Ramp Fees

Landing fees are waived with fuel purchase. Contact Air Traffic Control (Unicom 123.0 Frequency) for your specific aircraft landing fee; fees vary with aircraft size and weight. Contact Air Traffic Control (Unicom 123.0 Frequency) for Ramp Fee information.

Flight Training

Flight training, including all necessary ground school, is available for both private and multi-engine pilots. In addition, a CFI is available for flight checks. For more information please contact: